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Volunteer Opportunities

Calling all volunteers… you can play an important role in Kirkland American 

Maybe you were a ball playing superstar in school. Or maybe you don't know which end of the bat is up… but more likely, you're like most of us - somewhere in between.

In any case, you have plenty to contribute to Kirkland American Little League. And we could sure use your help in our all volunteer organization.

Here are just a few of the ways you can help contribute:

Serve on the Board of Directors: 

Fresh ideas and energy are always needed, as players grow up and board members move on. Good organizational skills are particularly welcome. Please contact the Kirkland American League President if you are interested.

Serve as your team's coordinator: 

Coaches have their hands full just coaching, so a parent (or two) who can take on the other team responsibilities is a necessity. 
Score keeping & team schedules are ongoing needs, and end of the season needs, like team parties, trophies & picture day organization need a solid lead as well

Assist the coaches: 

In addition to the official manager and coaches, most teams have other parents who help at practices, monitor the dugout during games, set-up, etc. Talk to your team's manager.

Prepare the field: 

For each game, the home team is responsible for field prep: raking as needed, laying down chalk for the baselines, etc. It requires arriving 45 minutes before game time.

Be involved: 

Your child's manager and coaches have made a huge commitment, and have a large amount of responsibility. Help them out however you can, be on time for practices and games, communicate with them... and let them know that your willing to do your part.

Be an umpire:

A perennial need is for umpires. Many people are intimidated by the position, but in truth, it's not nearly that difficult... and can be a whole lot of fun.
What's required?
Just an understanding of the game and a willingness to learn. We'll take it from there, providing training, practice opportunities and support. The commitment is up to you, whether it's a game a week or a game a month.  As with all jobs in KALL, it's a volunteer position - but you are rewarded with a free hamburger and the satisfaction of contributing.
Sound Intriguing ?
Please Email our Umpire-in-Chief - who can answer your questions...and get you going. Thank You !

Volunteering for any position in Kirkland American Little League:

Every volunteer even a parent just helping at practice must have successfully completed, and passed the LLI Background Check process.

Interested in the process of how Managers and Potential Coaches are selected ?

The President of Kirkland American Little League, takes recommendations from the VP's of each league... then typically at or before the February BoD meeting - selctions are finalized.
Based upon the recommendations from the VP's, comments and recommendations at the February BoD meeting by board members in attendance...and the background and history process the President has at his/her disposal - managers are appointed by the President at or before the end of  that process. Potential 2nd and 3rd coaches may also be discussed at these meetings in order to save time later in the process.

Requirements to be considered for Managing or Coaching:

  1. Every Teams Manager and Coach must attend a Little League approved Coaches clinic annually, and mandatory League Meetings on our Calendar. 
  2. Every Teams Manger and Coach must have a current First Aid & CPR Training certificate. ( Either the Manager or Coach(s) of record is acceptable, but both are ideal )
  3. Every Teams Manager and Coach must have successfully completed, and passed the LLI Background Check process.

Completing these steps is NOT a guarantee that you will be selected as a Manager or Coach, but does get your name on the list of Volunteers who want to manage or coach to go through the interview process.

It should be noted that tenure and years of service are not used to determine who is selected as Manager and Coach. The Kirkland American Little league President, at his/her sole discretion... will make the final selection, for the best all around qualified candidates to volunteer with your children.


Kirkland American Little League  
P.O. Box 146 Kirkland, WA