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Softball Evaluations

Evaluations - Softball Coast Thru Majors

At the Coast Division and higher, we conduct player evaluations to establish balanced teams when there is more than one team at a level.

Who must attend softball evaluations?

  • All Coast/Majors players (players born in 2007 - 2009) 
  • All players who wish to be evaluated to “play-up” at any Coast/Majors/Juniors level (players born in 2008 - 2011)
  • AAA players who would like to be included in the regular season Player Pool (substitute players) for the Coast Division

Who does NOT need to attend softball evaluations?

  • T-Ball/AA/AAA players (players born in 2010 - 2015) who are not interested in “playing-up” or being included in the Player Pool (substitute players) for the Coast Division

What does the evaluation process consist of:

  • All players will be evaluated at fielding grounders and pop flies, throwing, hitting, bunting, and running.
  • Pitchers and catchers will also be evaluated separately.


2020 Softball Evaluations for Coast and Majors

Saturday, February 22th, 2020
Lake Washington High School Baseball Field
12033 N.E. 80th Street, Kirkland, WA  98033 
  • All players should attend the evaluation session assigned to their league age.  If your child is league age 8,9 10,  or 11 and trying to play up a level, they will need to attend BOTH their regular league age session AND the session of the next level up

  • Parents MUST CHECK-IN with their child at the sign in desk

  • Players should wear softball attire and dress in accordance for the weather

  • Players must wear hard rubber cleats or aggressive soled tennis shoes (no metal cleats allowed)

  • Players should bring a glove, bat & batting helmet (bats and helmets will be available, if needed)


* League Age






12:30-1:00 PM



Coast Evaluations

1:00 - 2:00 PM





1:30 - 2:00 PM



Majors Evaluations

2:00 - 3:00 PM



* Softball League Age is based on the players birth year.  Age Chart


  1. Check in and get your player’s numbered bib.  The bib will be pinned to the back of player’s shirt.
  2. Each player (no parents please)  will take their equipment and line-up with their age and alphabetical group.
  3. Each player will be taken out of line and evaluated in a rotation for hitting and fielding.
  4. Pitching evaluations are optional and are at the end of each group.  Players are encouraged to participate in pitching evaluations.

Evaluations are REQUIRED for upper levels of play.  If you have any questions in regards to the February 22rd evaluations, please contact Erik Nielsen ASAP at


QWhy do you conduct player evaluations?

A: Player evaluations are a tool we use to create balanced and competitive teams when there are multiple teams at a level.

QAre player evaluations “tryouts” to “make” the team?

A: No.  Player evaluations are a way to place players on the best team for their age, skill-level and experience; everyone who wants to play is on a team.

QIt is cold and raining, are you really still doing the evaluation?

A: Yes.  Evaluations are regardless of the weather.

QWe cannot attend evaluation session.  Is there a makeup session?

A: Contact Erik Nielsen if you are unable to attend the evaluations.

QMy daughter tried out last year.  Does she really have to attend Player Evaluations again?

A: Yes.  Players develop rapidly and at different rates, and dated information is unreliable.  The evaluation process is used to create the most balanced teams possible.

QMy daughter has never pitched before and does not want to.  Does she still have to do the pitching station?

A: We encourage everyone who is considering pitching to be evaluated.  Players are not required to pitch for their team it is totally optional. 

QMy daughter has a basketball game that Saturday - We are just too busy to make it.  We would like an exception to the rule.

A: Our league rules require players to attend evaluations, and it is possible your player will not be placed on a team this season if she does not attend, unless excused due to an emergent circumstance such as injury.  If it is impossible for your player to make either of the dates, please contact the player agent or the VP Softball to request an individual evaluation appointment with the coaches if one can be scheduled.

QMy daughter recently broke her hand/arm and cannot throw a ball or bat for at least six weeks.  What do we do?

A: Please contact the Player Agent or VP Softball to request a waiver from participating in Player Evaluations and to discuss other data points that can be made available to managers for placing your child on a Spring team.

QHow are Player Evaluation scores used?

A: From the scores, the Player Agent and the Managers of the applicable division will determine the draft ranking of each player, from which teams will be formed using a round robin draft.  Only after teams are formed, and the Player Agent and Managers reach consensus that the teams are as balanced as possible, are teams assigned to the Managers.

QMy kid was feeling sick the day of Evaluations, and didn't play as well as usual.  Will it be held against her?

A: Not at all.  Player Evaluations are not "tryouts" to "make" a team -- everyone who attends the evaluation will be assigned to a team.  Player Evaluation scores are simply a tool that we use to attempt to create the most balanced and competitive teams possible.  The scores will be compared by the managers and the Player Agent with evaluations received from managers last year, to verify whether a particular player's ranking should be adjusted to best reflect actual ability (i.e., to take into account under- or over-performance at Evals). 

QWill the Player Evaluation scores be posted somewhere?

A: Absolutely not.  Player Evaluation scores are kept strictly confidential by and among the Player Agent, the Vice President of Majors/Minors Softball, and the Managers of the particular division.  Scores will not be released under any circumstances.

QWhen will we find out what team our player has been assigned to?

A: Late-February/early March after all evaluations have been completed and teams have been formed for Coast/Major/Junior teams.  T-Ball/AA/AAA teams are set in Mid-March.


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P.O. Box 146 Kirkland, WA