We are very excited to be continuing our use of Twitter this year to help streamline communication to league members. Our objective in expanding our usage of Twitter account for 2011 is to make it easy to get timely information out to parents and players regarding things such as playing conditions, rain outs, schedule changes and important events.     We will be using 2 primary twitter accounts for this season that can be found by clicking to the League Twitter Account and following KALLPresident as well as following the Kirkland American Little League Information Officer KALL_IO.    You will need to already have an existing twitter acccount and then log in to twitter in order to follow KALLPresident. If you do not yet have a twitter account, you will need to create one by clicking the following link:  Create New Twitter Account.   Once you have created your twitter account, you can then click through to the League Twitter Account, (you made need to log into twitter if you are not already) and follow KALLPresident and KALL_IO  
In order to get the maximum benefit from using twitter for Kirkland American updates, you will need to set up or enable your twitter account for mobile.    This is done by simply filling out the information on the "Mobile" tab within the twitter "Settings" tab followed by clicking on the "Mobile" tab.   Finally, you will want to click the "following" link (this is a link of everyone you are following on Twitter and will now show you following KALLPresident and KALL_IO).      To get the most timely tweets sent from KALLPresident and KALL_IO, it is recommended that you enable tweets from this user being sent to your mobile phone.    If you have questions on this configuration, please mail the league Information Officer for assistance.