Company Matching

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are grateful for all the hours each volunteer devotes to Kirkland American Little League during the year. KALL is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the service of our youth. Managers, Coaches, umpires, scorekeepers and facilities managers are all needed to help enable our baseball games, providing lasting memories for the players. Other volunteers are needed to serve as League officers, members of the Board of Directors, fundraisers, and team supporters. The Little League program seeks to provide an outlet for healthy activity and an opportunity for training under sound leadership—all in the context of community participation. The program further strives to help children become good and decent citizens while establishing  the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play. 
Many companies in our area have programs that match your volunteer time and make payments to organizations such as Kirkland American Little League.  Microsoft is just one example of an area company that does this by donating $17 for every volunteer hour.  Your company may do the same. 

Eligible volunteer examples that qualify include: 
  • Coaching  
  • Umpiring
  • Scorekeeping 
  • Field Preparation 
  • KALL Board Service 
The money received from Volunteer Matching Programs such as Microsoft's, goes to building a stronger program, providing scholarships for league registration, and supporting our Kirkland American Little League BoD approved current & future improvements.

If you volunteered time to our league and don’t work for Microsoft, please check with your company's Human Resources team to see if they have a Volunteer Hours Matching program.  

For more details on submitting volunteer hours please
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Our Matching Funds Coordinator can also provide more information in this regarding, and contact information can found in our Directors contacts web page at:
Thank you for your continued support of Kirkland American Little League!