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Field Information

General field information and end of game procedures
If you are the last one to leave the field after a game or practice, please make sure the fields are left in good condition. 
We are all part of Kirkland American Little League, and volunteers need to take care of certain end of game procedures.
Everest Park
    • Please pick up all trash inside dugouts and dispose of it in trash receptacles on site.
    • Make sure scoreboards are turned off.  For Field A, the switch is on the West wall by the fax machine.
      For Fields B, C and D, the switch is in the field score booth.  For Field B, there are two switches. 1 counter height and 1 shin height.
    • Make sure lights are turned off inside the booths please..
    • Make sure that the storage areas are locked.  Field A has 2 equipment bays and 1 umpire room.
      Team managers have the combinations for the locks
    • Make sure the metal rollup door in the score booth on Field A is down and secure please. 
      Remove the chain from the crank and unwind the cable to let the door down.
    • Bases should be left in place, and the City staff will remove them before dragging the next day, and they will reset them for us.
    • Make sure no balls, bats or pitching machines were inadvertently left in our batting cages.
Taylor Fields
    • Pick up all trash inside dugouts and dispose of it.
    • Make sure that the gate is locked if you are the last one leaving the fields.  Please make sure that there are not other cars in the parking lot, including the lower lot, to insure that no one is locked in.  Team managers have the combinations to the locks.


 Everest Playing Fields

8th Street, Kirkland WA 98033


 Crestwoods Playing Fields

1818 6th Street, Kirkland WA 98033


 Taylor Playing Fields

NE 60th St. and 120th Ave NE, Kirkland WA 98033


Note(s): Rain out make-up games must go through the leagues scheduler and/or BoD for upper levels.
Scheduling conflicts may be presented to the leagues scheduler, and on a case by case basis may be  
altered with extenuating circumstances by the leagues President or UIC.

A.G. Bell Elementary

11212 NE 112th St

Ben Franklin Elementary

12434 NE 60th St

Lakeview Elementary

10400 NE 68th St



Rose Hill Elementary

8044 128th Ave NE

International Community School

11133 NE 65th St

Peter Kirk Elementary

1312 6th St

Mark Twain Elementary

9525 130th Ave NE

Lake Washington H.S.

12033 NE 80th St


Spinney Homestead Park

3 blocks east of 116th Ave NE on NE 100th St

Terrace Park

1 block east of State Street on NE 67th St

Highlands Park

Northeast corner of 112th Ave NE & NE 102nd St




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