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Parents Corner

The Kirkland American Little League Board of Directors strive to operate our league in a positive, instructional manner in which players learn sportsmanship, team work, life lessons, competition and good baseball skills.  As a parent, there are many rolls you can play in support of making our Little League the best it can be.

Our League is an all volunteer league and we rely on each parent in the league to volunteer to help out their players team and the league in some way each season. You can do so in any of the following ways.
Manage or Coach
Field Prep
Dug Out Monitor
Umpire (2 - 3 umpire clinics are usually run by our Umpire in Chief)
Team Mom
Every parent of every player needs to volunteer for something. Please do your part to set a good example for your player by volunteering.  Good Team work is what gets things done.

Every year during the last week of the regular season KALL Player agents and VP's hand out Coach and Manager Evaluation sheets. However we would like to hear from any parent any time of year you feel you would like to share your opinion. Please click on the links below for the evaluation forms.

       Coaches Evaluation Form

       Managers Evaluation Form

Little League Summer baseball is not boundary controlled like Regular Season baseball. This is more of a relaxed Sandlot style baseball with very few if any practices with lots of games and lots of fun. 14 plus players are put on every team so families don't have to worry about missing games when on vacation. There will always be enough players to field a team and if not just borrow some from the other team.

Summer baseball is run by Kirkland National Little League and played at the Juanita Beach Park by Spuds. 

Little League Fall Ball starts in September and goes for 6 weeks with double headers every Sunday starting at noon. Fall ball is a little more serious then Summer ball and is a great place to develop your skills.

Fall ball is NOT boundary controlled like regular season little league. Anyone from any league can join Kirkland American who organizes a few teams at various ages. We even had a few players from Kirkland National and Redmond West on the teams. check our headlines for registration dates in Early August. For more information check out the District 9 web page for Fall ball


Is your player over the age of 12 and still wants to play baseball? Now there are more choices then ever. If you want to keep playing Little League Baseball

Junior League for Players 13 & 14

Senior League for Players 14, 15 & 16

Big League for Players 16, 17 & 18

These leagues are being operated around the Eastside by Little League district 9.  If you would like more information on this league contact


The Eastside is full of Select Baseball teams - The ages range from 9U (9 and under) up to 18U.

Many of these teams advertise at the local batting cages as to when their try outs are and hold them between September and November for teams that practice indoor all winter and play games the following Spring and summer. As many as 300 players will show up for just 12 spots on a roster. 

Participation on these teams can run from $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 per year.


While many think tournament teams are operated by Kirkland American Little league - They actually have NOTHING to do with KALL or Little League

However KALL does have players who participate on tournament teams, while at the same time playing for little league teams. 

What is a tournament team?

These are teams formed by parents who organize a team to play baseball in tournaments outside of Little league (usually during Spring Break, Memorial Day and after little league is over during the Summer). (Tournament teams never interfere with Little League practices or games).

These parents then go out and find tournaments for their team to play in. Some teams have traveled as far as Nebraska and other just stay here locally in the Puget Sound area.

Teams are formed in a variety of ways as follows:

  • Some parents/coaches ask their friends to play on a team
  • Other teams may scout little league games looking for players with talent & invite only those players to play for that team. 
The Bottom line is who ever is organizing the team can use what ever method they choose to form a team. Little League has no control over this since these teams are NOT affiliated with Little League in any way.

Kirkland American practice fields and game fields are NOT available to these teams. These teams must find their own practice locations as they are NOT affiliated or associated with Little League in any way.