City Championship Results
    Kirkland American Majors, Coast and Minors teams completed
    a sweep of their Kirkland National counterparts for a 10-0 record!
    Congratulations to all of the teams that competed

    Congratulations to our All-stars:

    SB Junior All-stars:
    Tori Bivens, Lindsay Allan, Kayla Henry, Mya Schaaf, Emma Pruss, Abigail Anthis,
    Anastasia Kotsakis, Grace Behrman, Taylor Sheldon, Olivia Rudolph, Alexis Welsh, Elena Impala

    Manager: Pete Schaaf  Coaches: John Rudolph, Greg Anthis & Steve Bivens


    Majors BB All-stars:
    Nicholas Anderson, Nico Carrigan, Andy Davis, James Gardner, Dylan Kennedy, Travis Lee, Alex Levine, Evan Liggett, Taylor Rickels, Sean Royal, Jordan Sacks, Ryan Thomson, Kobe Westre, Manager: Todd Kennedy, Coaches: Hunter Liggett & Kevin Rickels

    11/10 BB All-stars:

    Bailey Black, Bridger Branum, Jack Burkhalter, Reece Campbell, Jack Erdman, Shaw Fawcett-White, Duncan Hentges, Wei-Ly Hsue, Colton Kennedy, Joe Scheffler, Kainoa Smith, Aiden Smith, Kirk Unzelman,
    Manager: Eric Campbell, Coaches: Neal Black & Bob Hentges

    10/9 BB All-stars:
    Drew Allred, Kristofer Anderson, Brady Dean, Paxton Fenberg, Dylan Lettice, Nolan Mathers, Ben Nyquist, Brock Olson, Austin Rex, Nathan Saccone, Justin Schaaf, Colin Upmeyer, Hayden Welch, Quincy Yoshida, Manager: Jason Fenberg, Coaches: Neil Anderson & James Dean

    12/11 SB All-stars:

    Nicole Bartman, Amy Chen, Rory Hutchinson, Madison Kisker, Abby Main,

    Maddy Miller, Sasha Miller, Laura Prows, Abbie Reynolds, Ariana Welsh, Hannah Woten, Peyton Yoshida, Manager: Shane Reynolds, Coaches: Eric Main and Bill Woten

    11/10 SB All-stars:
    Makenzie Burke, Charlotte Conze, Sammy Henry, Claire Longcore, Addison McDaniel, Antonia Norman, Annisa Tax, Claire Towey, Paulina Varela, Lily Weber, Macy Weeks, Kiara Welsh,
    Manager: Chris Welsh, Coaches: Mikal Norman & Chris Burke

    10/9 SB All-stars:
    Ashley Allen, Kaylee Allen, Lily Bean, Jillian Beatty, Twila Brown, Raia Galum, Emily Godfrey, Hailey North, Ruby Olmstead, Delany Riedel, Sonia Sheth, Hannah Schlear ,
    Manager: Jeff Olmstead, Coaches: John Allen & Ericka Bean

    Congratulations to all of you, and good luck at the District 9 tournaments!

     League Meetings and Notices

    Our annual General Membership meeting for the 2014 season was held Tuesday, June 10th at 7 PM at Everest Park. The new Board for the 2015 season was elected. If you have any questions, please email us:
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    Big Finn Hill - 206.205.3893

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